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Juvonno has everything you need to effectively treat, chart, prescribe, engage patients, and run a stand-out practice.

Juvonno clinic software on multiple devices.
Juvonno's personalized practitioner dashboard.

Get a complete view of your practice

A personalized dashboard shows you all your appointments, completed charts, incomplete charts, messages, tasks, and statistics at a glance so you can sit back and do what you do best.

Chart wherever you are, on any device with Juvonno.

Chart wherever you are, on any device

Juvonno works anywhere online, so you can too. Not to mention you can customize everything from your charts and intake forms, to auto-phrases and schedule preferences.

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Keep your patients engaged

Progress doesn't only happen during treatment. Engage patients before and after visits with EMR-integrated marketing tools, two-way messaging, on-demand exercise programs, and secure telehealth sessions.

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Engage your patients with Juvonno EMR-integrated messaging.
Patients get convenience with Juvonno's patient portal where they can book appointments, complete intake forms and much more, around the clock.

Your patients want convenience

Patients achieve better results when information is accessible and communication is easy. Our portal allows them to book appointments online, complete intake forms, and access invoices and exercise plans around the clock.

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Export, print, fax, and share PDF charts with Juvonno clinic software.

Export, print, fax, and share PDF charts

Securely send charts, notes, treatment plans, and any other documents to insurance companies, other clinics, or directly to patients through the portal.

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Outlook Calendar

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Aquity Solutions

"I love how beautifully the program is laid out and how simple it is to use."

Celina W.

Winkler Massage Therapy (Winkler, MB)

"I must say I love Juvonno. It is a fantastic program and I'm so glad to have switched over to it. The patient portal is exceptional!"

Karen Proctor

Back on Track Chiropractic and Massage Clinic (Etobicoke, ON)

"The service and flexibility of Juvonno is everything I need in an EMR"

Dr. David Gryfe

Humber Family Chiropractic (Toronto, ON)

"Having to face the idea of moving our clinic to a new software was daunting, but moving to Juvonno was a great choice and very worth it for us. Highly recommended!"

Spencer Maurice

Ever Young Dermatology (Toronto, ON)

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