Charting & EMR

The EMR platform that lets you work and chart, your way

Boost your team's alignment, efficiency, and productivity with customizable charts & intake forms, and integrated telehealth & home exercise programs to fit your needs.

Juvonno's KPI dashboard and tablet charting built for practitioners.
Use customizable patient charts with Juvonno EMR

Personalize your charts

Choose from our library of multi-disciplinary chart templates designed by professionals in the field, or create your own with an easy drag-and-drop builder. Your custom chart templates can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Work from anywhere, on any device, with Juvonno clinic software

Work from anywhere

Chart on any device. Whether you're on a PC at home, an iPhone at the coffee shop, or an Android tablet at the clinic, Juvonno can be accessed from anywhere. Not to mention, you can launch telehealth calls right from your schedule and treat patients virtually.

Practitioners can organize their patient charts with Juvonno clinic management

Find medical records & charts, fast

Flip and filter through past charts by date, practitioner, complaint or even by keyword. Because Juvonno organizes and categorizes your electronic medical records, you can quickly find the information you need and take action.

EMR tools your whole team will love

Upload images, videos, and other files

Snap photos or videos to monitor your patient's condition. Files can easily be uploaded to a patient's chart and help you diagnose and treat with greater accuracy.

Enjoy two-way file sharing with patients on the portal. Make HEP and other helpful resources available on-demand

Personalize and streamline the user experience

Customize your team's access levels to maintain confidentiality and create a decluttered interface.

Limit access to certain features, patient records, reports, and more at the team or user level.

Save time with clever shortcuts

Start a new chart with a single click from your appointments dashboard.

Chart faster by copying an existing chart or auto-populating frequently used phrases for symptoms, assessments, prescriptions, and more.

Get a complete view of your practice

A personalized dashboard shows you all your appointments, completed charts, incomplete charts, messages, tasks, and individual statistics at a glance.

See a list of patients that haven't rebooked with you, in real-time.

Prescribe home exercise programs and treatment plans

Access industry-leading integrations like Doxy for telehealth appointments, and Physitrack and Physiotec for home exercise programs without ever leaving Juvonno.

Increase productivity by creating standardized treatment plans. Juvonno will track the number of treatments and the remaining insurance coverage.

Export charts and referral letters

Easily export charts and doctor letters to PDF. Then fax them directly from Juvonno to anyone requesting medical records like insurers.

Create letter templates for doctor referrals and more.

Choose from dozens of patient attributes like patient name and injury name. Juvonno will auto-populate these fields into the letter.

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Go digital with e-charting from Juvonno.

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