Simplify your entire billing workflow

Besides the ease of managing your EMR and invoicing from one platform, Juvonno helps you get paid faster with automated messaging and seamless billing integrations.

Juvonno clinic billing integrations
Go paperless with Juvonno clinic software

Do all your billing from Juvonno

Invoice patients, direct bill insurers, pay staff, receive payments, and manage inventory without ever leaving Juvonno or printing a single piece of paper. In short, your billing workflow has never been easier.

Juvonno gives patients flexible payment options

Give patients more ways to pay you

Secure, integrated payment processing improves the patient experience and helps you get paid faster. Moreover, it makes it easy to process multi-payor invoices, accept payments online and safely store patients' credit card information for a quick check-out.

Juvonno clinic financial reports

Get a complete view of your clinic's finances

Whether you have multiple teams or clinic locations, our easy-to-read and customizable reports gather the data you need to find opportunities and grow your business.

A better way to do billing

Juvonno streamlines even the most complex billing processes.

Do it all from the schedule

Go from appointment to split invoices in seconds.

Be alerted of outstanding balances and other important notices.

Check your patients' insurance coverage before each visit to help them maximize their benefits.

View, pay, void, and email invoices with a few simple clicks.

Edit and re-invoice on the fly.

View a summary of the day's sales, payments, and outstanding appointment invoices.

Manage complex insurance workflows

Submit patient claims directly to payors from Juvonno.

Track complex policy rules, insurance balances, and reset dates.

Use JComm to remind patients when their insurance is going to reset.

Batch invoice third-party insurers and patients when it suits you.

Easily bill patients with insurance or co-pay and bill a third party its portion.

Juvonno will automatically split invoices to any number of payors per line item according to the billing order you assign.

Direct bill insurers

With a growing list of billing integrations, Juvonno provides you with one central place to manage and submit claims directly to insurers including:

TELUS Health eClaim



MB Health

eHealth Saskatchewan

Alberta Health


Run special programs

Sell e-gift cards and issue credits that can be used toward future purchases.

Offer group discounts on selected products and services.

Run a loyalty reward program where clients can earn points to redeem on future services.

Promote special programs with targeted email and text campaigns using JComm.

Manage commissions & expenses

Set commission rates on individual items or groups of products or services.

Pay commissions on completed appointments or booked appointments.

Record, track, and export all clinic expense information with customizable reporting.

POS & inventory management

Sell retail or therapeutic items and manage your inventory.

Track costs and margins so you know your revenue structures.

Create triggers to remind you when it's time to reorder inventory.

Store vendor contact information for easy access.

Transfer quantities between clinic locations.

Who knew software could be this flexible?

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