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Book more appointments with less hassle and less paperwork. Juvonno lets your patients take control of their clinic experience with a patient portal to book appointments, complete intake forms, view and pay invoices, and access treatment resources online.

Juvonno's custom online patient portal and booking for clinics.

A great patient experience starts here

Juvonno gives your patients easy online booking

Easy online booking

Juvonno ensures every step of the online booking experience is simple and intuitive for any patient, helping you turn website visits into clinic visits. In just a few clicks, patients can schedule and manage their appointments.

Accept online bookings 24/7 with Juvonno clinic software

On-demand access

Juvonno allows you to accept new patients and appointments around the clock. Patients can register online 24/7 without needing to speak directly with your staff, and new patient information enters your EMR instantly.

Create intake forms with for your patients to complete in the Juvonno patient portal from wherever they are

Online intake forms

Create easy-to-use intake forms for patients to complete from home or in the waiting room. You control which forms to assign to patients and our intuitive interface will do the rest.

Share documents with your patients with Juvonno's patient portal

Integrated exercise library & file sharing

Stay connected with your patients by sharing images, videos, and documents with each other. With treatment integrations to Physitrack and Physiotec, you can instantly send home exercise programs through the patient portal and give patients the information they need exactly when they need it.

Online booking software that delivers more


Juvonno respects how you do business. Powerful integration tools and custom settings enable you to put your brand and workflows into action.


The patient portal allows you to automate your workflows and reduce administrative burdens so you can focus on your patients.


With no apps to download and a mobile-friendly interface, Juvonno makes it easier than ever for patients to stay connected and play an active role in their treatment.


Juvonno connects seamlessly with your clinic's EMR. Every detail is captured from every action, and your EMR is updated instantly.

Reach your patients where they are

Juvonno makes sure patients get the information they need, when they need it, from any device.

Access to invoice records

Patients can search, view, print, and pay off invoices securely and conveniently from the patient portal.

Secure payment processing

Reduce no-shows by accepting pre-payments or deposits for online appointment bookings, and sell e-Gift Cards, all within the Portal. With Juvonno you can also securely store patient credit cards on file.

Paperless program registrations

Running a workshop or webinar? Create a client-friendly paperless process for collecting registrations and payments through the patient portal. Details are tracked and reminders are sent automatically.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Gather insights on how well your online booking page is converting website visits into real appointments. Connect your Google Tag Manager account to get started.

Digital consent forms

Create a seamless audit trail and a paperless process. Have patients sign-off on consent forms while booking appointments online.

Automated appointment reminders

Give patients the option to receive automated appointment reminders. Patients can choose to receive the reminder by text or email.

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