Appointment scheduling for your whole team

Customize your schedule for your team's workflows, individual preferences, and oversee all the activities across your entire clinic.

Juvonno scheduling interface with daily appointments on desktop and mobile, alongside a clinic administrator working on a computer.

Manage appointments from one beautiful organized dashboard

Get a bird's eye view and accomplish everyday tasks right from the schedule.

Clinic scheduling displaying appointments with a dropdown menu for actions like invoicing, and a mobile view of Juvonno's Google Calendar integration.

Taking action is easy

From the schedule, you're just a click away from:

Scheduling appointments

Toggling between clinic location schedules

Checking the patient's insurance coverage for the service

Charting and viewing medical records

Invoicing patients

Sending patient reminders

juvonno gives you real-time booking updates and important patient information

Get timely updates and alerts

New online bookings appear in real-time helping avoid double bookings

Receive private alerts on the fly regarding a patient's allergies, preferences, outstanding invoices, and more.

Practitioner dashboard with a daily schedule, patient sms chat, and a to-do list with tasks like submitting claims and completing charts.

One dashboard to view it all

Practitioners, use your personal dashboard to help you plan your day.

View patient profiles for your upcoming appointments

Keep your charting up-to-date with a real-time list of uncharted appointments

Check off tasks from your to-do list

See which patients haven't rebooked and easily send them a message from Juvonno

View your personal statistics like PVA, number of active patients, new patients and more at a glance.

Juvonno waitlist interface with multiple patient requests to fill last minute appointment cancellations.

Use the waitlist to optimize your schedule

Easily fill last minute appointment cancellations with patients from your waitlist

Add notes and assign a priority level to the patient's appointment request

Patients can even join the waitlist and monitor their requests from the Patient Portal

New waitlist requests and changes always appear in real-time

Tailor your schedule for your workday, workstyle, and workflows

Feel less busy with Juvonno

Join thousands of healthcare professionals who use Juvonno every day.

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