Feel less busy with Juvonno

In Juvonno, the calendar is your command centre. Use it to manage your day and see a real-time snapshot of the activity across your entire clinic.

Juvonno's scheduling screen and Google Calendar integration
Juvonno clinic software schedule calendar

The only calendar you need

With a mobile-friendly interface and flexible dashboards, Juvonno's calendar is your one-stop-shop for managing appointments, resources, teams, and clinic locations across your entire organization.

Juvonno clinic software schedule menu

Take action with a single click

On the calendar, you're always just a click away from scheduling appointments, billing, charting, direct messaging patients, and.accomplishing everything in between.

Juvonno clinic schedule updates in real-time

See calendar updates in real-time

New online bookings appear in your calendar in real-time, eliminating the risk of double bookings. Juvonno will also flag important patient-specific details, like outstanding dues, new patient visits, next appointments, as well as custom alerts, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Tailor your calendar to suit your practice

Juvonno adapts to every practitioner's schedule.

A schedule that reflects your day

Customize your schedule layout.

Set your own schedule intervals and use colour codes to denote what each time slot should be reserved for.

Your personal dashboard gives you a clear view of your day, week, or month.

Optimize your schedule

Flexible wait lists make it easy to fill last minute appointment openings with the next person in the queue.

Add a memo and assign a priority level to the patient's appointment request, along with an expiration date and the patient's preferred time so that no details get missed.

Access from anywhere

Juvonno is cloud-based so you can view and update your schedule at any time, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection.

Book appointments en masse

One of Juvonno's most loved features! This option allows you to set up recurring appointments all at once, for any interval, saving you hours of precious time.

Help your team stay organized

Assign follow-ups and to-dos for yourself or colleagues. Pop-up alerts help remind them when a task is due.

Juvonno makes it easy to keep track of every task in a live dashboard, which can be sorted by clinic or practitioner.

Waste less time searching for patients

Pull up patient information anywhere in Juvonno with the patient lookup button.

Leave the patient lookup pane open while you work so you can easily reference information on the fly.

Find open appointment slots quickly

Juvonno's powerful search function helps you find open appointment slots for specific practitioners, dates, times, or services so you can fill your clinic's schedule and better serve your patients.

Schedule downtime

Schedules aren't always about work. That's why Juvonno gives you the option to block off time on your calendar for sick days, personal appointments, holidays, and anything else that pops up in life.

A smooth arrival process

With just one click, the patient is marked as 'Arrived' for their appointment and the practitioner is notified.

The 'Arrived List' gives the practitioner quick access to the patient's profile and other key details.

Who knew software could be this flexible?

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