Administrators, you do a million things at once. Now your software can too.

Our clever tools for booking, billing, patient engagement, EMR, and reporting make your workday a whole lot easier — Tools that anyone can use, no matter thei technical experience.

Juvonno clinic software on multiple devices.

Find and edit patient details — fast

Meet the needs of your patients and colleagues without losing time. Our customizable patient look-up pane makes sure you're always a click away from finding the information you need.

With Juvonno's patient look-up, you're always one click away from finding the information you need.
Juvonno's schedule gives you a bird's eye view of all your appointments. Get quick access to invoicing, insurance coverage, and more with the appointment menu.

See everything at a glance

Get a bird's eye view of all your appointments for the day or week and accomplish everyday tasks right from the schedule. With a couple of clicks you can book appointments, invoice, and message patients. Imagine being able to check a patient's insurance coverage and trigger an appointment reminder in 3 clicks. You can with Juvonno.

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Juvonno's billing gives you a quick check-out process with integrations to insurance billing portals.

Go from scheduling to split-billing in seconds

Every step of your billing workflow is easier (and paperless) with our quick check-out process, split-invoicing, batch billing feature, customizable accounting reports, and best of all, seamless integrations to HCAI, TELUS Health eClaims and more.

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Juvonno clinic software gives you the ability to send automated email and text reminders to your patients, and send intake forms to your patients through the patient portal 24/7.

Leave the patient reminders and forms to us

Automated email and text message appointment reminders are just the start. Everything from intake forms, consent forms, bookings, cancellations, program registrations and payments can be done online, 24/7, with our patient portal.

Send personalized emails or text messages with Juvonno's EMR-integrated communication feature.

Replace your call list with a single email or text campaign

Rather than reaching out to patients one by one, send a single personalized text or email message with JComm. Think patient follow-ups, welcome emails, AR reminders, Google reviews, and one-time messages for big announcements. It's smart, easy, and your first campaign can be set up in minutes using our pre-made templates.

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Create crystal clear reports with Juvonno so you can balance your books.

Download easy-to-read reports

Juvonno keeps track of everything happening in your clinic and compiles crystal clear reports so you can balance your books, stay organized, and make it home for dinner.

"I love how beautifully the program is laid out and how simple it is to use."

Celina W.

Winkler Massage Therapy (Winkler, MB)

"I must say I love Juvonno. It is a fantastic program and I'm so glad to have switched over to it. The patient portal is exceptional!"

Karen Proctor

Back on Track Chiropractic and Massage Clinic (Etobicoke, ON)

"The service and flexibility of Juvonno is everything I need in an EMR"

Dr. David Gryfe

Humber Family Chiropractic (Toronto, ON)

"Having to face the idea of moving our clinic to a new software was daunting, but moving to Juvonno was a great choice and very worth it for us. Highly recommended!"

Spencer Maurice

Ever Young Dermatology (Toronto, ON)

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