Oct 31, 2023

Watch: Two Must Dos to Accelerate Your Benefits Plan Strategy

In case you missed our first Juvonno Campus Virtual Meetup, “The 2 Must Dos to Accelerate Your Benefits Plan Strategy”, we’ve compiled some of the best moments of the session into an 8-minute highlight reel.

Just below, you’ll find an overview  and timestamps of what our panel covered so you can skip to the parts you’re most interested in. We hope you enjoy and encourage you to join Juvonno Campus by subscribing today.

The Session’s Curriculum

0:00 - Meet the Panel
A quick introduction to our panelists, Sanjeev Bhatia, Mat Pulickal & Terry Davison

0:45 - What % of webinar registrants have a benefits plan strategy?
Sanjeev shares the results of our pre-meetup questionnaire to registrants regarding their clinics benefits plan strategy.

1:10 - Insurance Checks Introduction
The idea of Insurance checks, a popular American strategy, is discussed and the benefits of doing them are presented.

2:13 - Benefits Reminder email
The panel discusses the importance of sending out a benefits reminder email campaign.

3:27 - What % of people let their Chiropractic Benefits expire?
Fascinating (and elusive) stats regarding Canadians' use of their benefits are shared.

4:09 - How do you get more patients into your clinic?
The panel presents strategies and tools you can use to increase your bookings during “benefits season”.

6:29 - The Biggest Takeaway
Panel members share their biggest takeaways from the meetup and offer a key piece of final advice.

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