'Tis the Season to Hack and Give Back: Behind the Scenes of Hackathon 2022

In the middle of November, with the holiday season fast approaching, it was time for us to get to work on your gift! As is now tradition, we began planning our second annual holiday hackathon. The goal was always to develop new features to improve our clients’ lives, but this year Terry (President & Founder of Juvonno) wanted to do more. Unsure of how to do so, he took a walk around our new office space and ran into a member of Makers Making Change.

Makers Making Change is a non-profit organization who every holiday season, run their own hackathon with the goal of adapting 500 toys for children with disabilities. They were looking for local participants to join their hackathon and help assemble these toys. Of course we wanted to help, but we had one problem— the majority of our staff work remotely and around the world! Terry knew we had to help, but how?

That’s when our J-Hack to Give Back campaign was born. We would use our hackathon to help improve the lives of our users and raise money for a great cause. To mark the occasion, we prepared an original poem that encapsulates the mission that was Juvonno Hackathon 2022:

juvonno hackathon poem

Without further adieu, we introduce you to the three new J-Hack features!

Feature #1: Juvonno Sticky Notes

Have an important to-do task or brilliant idea you need to remember later? Use Juvonno Sticky Notes! They’re a simple way to quickly save notes on the fly. You can type or even use speech-to-text to create your sticky note anywhere in Juvonno.

Feature #2: Patient Quick Connect

Need to send a patient a quick email or text? Do it in two clicks from the Patient Lookup window which now links you straight to a patient’s email or cell phone number. Just search, click, type, and send!

Also, you can now search by phone number or email and we’ll link you straight to the respective patient.

Patient text feature exclusively available to JComm subscribers.

Feature #3 (Winner!): Patient Welcome Packet

Streamline your patient intake process with our new Patient Welcome Packet. This all-in-one feature allows you to send a welcome email with the Patient Portal registration link, assign online intake forms, and more, in just a few clicks!

THANK YOU to everyone who uses Juvonno in their clinics and to everyone who donated to Makers Making Change! If you are still looking to contribute, we are still accepting donations until December 16th.

Donate to Makers Making Change

This year’s J-Hack to Give Back truly demonstrated that if there’s a will, there is a way. With 15 people, from Canada all the way to Brazil, we managed to work together as if we were in the same room and build 3 incredible new features, all while supporting an incredible cause.

From our Juvonno family to you and yours,

Happy Holidays, and may you find the way that matches your will!

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