Jan 23, 2019

The Importance of Completing a Patient Treatment Plan

Treatment plans are an essential part of helping patients towards a successful recovery. After the initial assessment, a recommended treatment plan is the next step in treating your patient. Not only does it foster trust between you and the patient to discuss their treatment plan, but completing one is important in tracking your patient's progress, improving retention rates, and more.

Completing a treatment plan helps:

1. Track your patient's progress

With a treatment plan, you can easily lay out the next steps towards recovery. You can keep a clear process by discussing with your patient the importance of completing a plan and keeping track of their progress in their patient profile.

2. Keep treatments personal

Every patient is unique which means that every plan should be unique. Treatment plans need to be tailored based on each patient and using a digital template and adjusting it for each patient can speed up the process. Treatment plans can also be adjusted based on your patient's progress and then tracked through their patient profile.

3. Improve patient retention

Treatment plans are most effective when patients follow them through. Completing a treatment plan and tracking your patient's progress motivates them to book follow-up appointments and see treatment through to the end.

4. Patients take initiative with their recovery

Once a treatment plan is logged in your patient's profile, they are able to securely log into the patient portal and view their recommended treatments from anywhere. Accessing their exercises or plan documents on their own time can keep patients motivated in their personal recovery.

5. Track communication and payment

Completing a treatment plan also helps your administration by tracking all communication history in regards to payment and insurance claims. When your team needs to review records of payment or another administrative detail, you can find it within the patient's completed plan online.

Have you tried completing a treatment plan in Juvonno? Contact a Juvonno customer services representative today to learn more about treatment plans and Juvonno!

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