Jul 31, 2023

Saving Time in Physiotherapy: 5 Ways Physitrack Transforms the Patient Journey

You have probably heard it before: finding enough time is a constant struggle in physiotherapy. From treating patients to ensuring compliance, an extra pair of hands to streamline work would sound like a dream to many healthcare professionals. While practitioners focus on improving patient outcomes, maintaining client motivation, managing a heavy caseload, and supporting individualized care, one question arises: how does a therapist have the time to meet all these demands (and take care of themselves)? Luckily, in recent years, technological advancements have revolutionized the field of physiotherapy and can help practitioners save time and work more efficiently.

In this blog post, we will explore five ways the digital health solution, Physitrack, is saving time, enhancing the overall patient experience, and contributing to practitioners' well-being.

1. Streamlined Initial Assessment and Evaluation

The first step of the patient's journey is the initial assessment, where practitioners get to know the patient and evaluate their condition. Practitioners attentively listen to patients' concerns and gather vital information through relevant questions. Implementing digital health tools, such as Physitrack, enhances efficiency in patient-practitioner communication and can support practitioner wellbeing. A unified platform for communication simplifies the management of work and personal life for practitioners, while providing patients with an easier way to communicate and access their exercise programs.

2. Personalized Home Exercise Programs

Physitrack offers a comprehensive library of exercise videos tailored to various conditions and treatment goals. With this vast resource at their fingertips, practitioners can easily create personalized home exercise programs for each patient. By sharing video exercises through the platform, patients can access their prescribed routines anytime and anywhere, minimizing the need for in-person demonstrations during sessions. This feature empowers patients to take charge of their rehabilitation, leading to better compliance and more effective outcomes.

3. Education and Patient Engagement

After creating personalized treatment plans and sharing them with the patient, there’s still one tricky step left: ensuring patient participation in their exercise program. Physitrack not only offers thousands of exercise videos but also provides an extensive library of educational articles. Sharing engaging articles with patients can help them understand their injury or condition, which can increase patient engagement. Practitioners can also send digital reminders in the app for patients to do their exercises, providing patients with their very own accountability pal wherever they are. 

4. Progress Tracking

Following a patient's progress is a crucial part of the patient journey. With Physitrack's progress tracking, practitioners can keep track of their patients' adherence to exercise programs and monitor their progress without requiring frequent in-person visits. Patients can update completed exercises and reps, pain levels, and other additional feedback directly in the app. This not only saves time for both parties but also enables practitioners to intervene promptly if any issues or setbacks arise, ensuring continuous progress towards set goals.

5. Seamless Communication and Support

Seamless communication between patients and physiotherapists is key. With Physitrack, patients can easily reach out to their practitioners with questions, concerns, or updates through the platform's messaging feature. Practitioners can also reach out to their patients via Telehealth and have remote video calls with them. This instant communication ensures quick responses and prevents unnecessary delays in the treatment process. Additionally, practitioners can provide guidance and support in real-time, helping patients to stay on track with their treatment plans.

“An app with remote support achieves better adherence to home exercise programs than paper handouts” (source: PubMed)

Save Time and Enhance the Patient Journey:

Physitrack has truly revolutionized the physiotherapy patient journey by harnessing the power of technology to save time, boost patient engagement, and enhance treatment outcomes. With its user-friendly features, progress tracking, personalized home exercise programs, and efficient communication tools, Physitrack has become an invaluable ally for both patients and physiotherapists alike. As the world embraces technological advancements in healthcare, Physitrack stands out as a shining example of how digital solutions can bring about positive transformations in physiotherapy, empowering patients on their path to recovery and better well-being.

"Physitrack has helped our clinic run more smoothly, and it's an integral part of my patients' recovery. It's been a game-changer." — Dr. Sharja, Clinic Manager

If you are ready to invest in yourself and upgrade your patient journeys with the comprehensive digital tool Physitrack, get started and learn how you can reform your practice today!

Tip: you can assign a program, print or try Physitrack’s free version here.

Anna Rantala @ Physitrack

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