Jan 24, 2023

Putting Patient Experience First: A tour of the new Patient Portal

We've all heard the saying, "New Year, New Me". Well, we decided to put a Juvonno style spin on it with "New Year, New Portal" and unlike some of our resolutions to drink less caffeine and eat healthier, we're committed to this one!

Our freshly remodelled Patient Portal puts your patient experience first by streamlining existing features and introducing some exciting new ones! Without further adieu, let's explore the new and improved Patient Portal experience.

What's New:

Complete Mobile Redesign

Out with tiny buttons and unnecessary steps of the booking process! Say hello to sleek and modern navigation on your mobile device. This is more than just a face lift. With the new mobile interface, patients can seamlessly view upcoming appointments and book new ones, complete intake forms, pay outstanding invoices, and access our next brand-new feature on the list more easily than ever!

Book Again

Wouldn't it be great if returning patients could schedule the same appointment in just a few taps? Oh wait, now they can! With the new Book Again feature, patients no longer need to go through the whole booking process to book repeat appointments. They just tap on a previous appointment under Book Again and book the same service in a few seconds.

What's Improved:

Revamped Appointment Booking

You know what people do not love? Taking extra steps to accomplish something that could be done in one. People what quick and convenient and the new appointment booking system delivers just that. We've streamlined the booking process by:

1. Combining 4 steps into 1. The first step to 'continue' has been removed from the booking process. Straight away patients can select their clinic location, service, and Practitioner from the same screen on step 1!

Juvonno's Online Booking clinic, service, and practitioner selections

2. Displaying a new calendar view so patients can easily select their preferred date (no clicking between weeks or days required ✨)

Juvonno's Online Booking clinic calendar

3. Adding the option to filter appointments by service type (upon popular request)

Juvonno's Online Booking service filter

4. Allowing patients to quickly skip ahead to the next available date or add themselves to the Waiting List when a date is fully booked.

Juvonno's Online Booking add to waitlist option

5. Adding a setting to hide booked time slots from being displayed (another popular request)

Juvonno's Online Booking time slots

6. By defaulting the clinic location of the appointment booking to the last clinic they booked with!

Juvonno's Online Booking default clinic selection

Simplified Menu

In the same spirit of simplifying all things in the portal, we've consolidated the patient menu into one convenient navigation bar! This cleans up the entire interface while making options like "Book an Appointment" readily accessible and very hard to miss.

The patient experience is emerging as a top trend in the health and wellness industry for 2023, and with the new Patient Portal, you're sure to start out on the right foot—it's sleek, modern, and much more convenient. Now how's that for sticking to our resolution (said whilst drinking a large soda)?

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