Aug 22, 2023

Post-Survey Learning: 4 Practitioner Features Already in Juvonno

“Truly listening is hearing the needs of the customer, understanding those needs, and making sure the company recognizes the opportunity” - Frank Eliason, Global Director Client Experience, Citi

Juvonno has numerous solutions to help improve the day-to-day work of every practitioner, but how can we make it even better? This is the question we posed to our wonderful user base of health practitioners. How can we make Juvonno the best system possible for our current and future practitioners?

Following feedback from our practitioner survey last month, we not only learned ways to improve our software but also discovered there were features practitioners weren’t aware existed already. We recognize we can make these tools more easily accessible. And there’s no time like the present! With that in mind, here are four fantastic features for practitioners (that you maybe didn’t know about or haven’t tried) and how to use them!

Feature #1: Auto-Phrases for Charting

Feedback: “Have pre-made SOAP notes for RMT”

Save time charting with Auto-Phrases. Automatically populate your most commonly used phrases for prescriptions, diagnoses, and more directly into your charts with just one click!

auto-phrases in juvonno charting

Create as many auto-phrase templates as your heart desires and keep them neatly organized with Chart Note Categories.

categories for auto-phrases in juvonno charting

Learn How to Create Auto-Phrase Templates for Charting

Feature #2: Message Patients Directly from the Dashboard

“Allow the ability to message clients directly through the practitioner dashboard”

Keeping in touch with your patients regularly is more important and easier than ever. With the JComm add-on, you can transform the way you communicate with your patients. With an active JComm subscription, there are 2 quick ways you can text a patient directly from your Practitioner Dashboard.

Option A: Inside the Drop Offs tab in your Practitioner Dashboard, you'll find a list of all your current patients. You can text a patient directly from this screen by clicking the menu icon button and then choosing Text Patient from the dropdown menu.

message your patients directly inside juvonno

Option B: Access the Two-Way Texting menu from anywhere in Juvonno by clicking the patient chat icon icon in the top right corner of your screen. Then simply find your patient using the search bar, type your message, and hit send!

text your patient directly inside juvonno

Learn How to set up JComm’s two-way texting with patients

Feature #3: Allow Multiple Bookings in a Timeslot

“Can't adjust time slots to allow for double booking. Makes daily scheduling difficult.”

To be able to allow multiple bookings in a timeslot, you’ll need to allow for conflicts inside your schedule type. These are easy to set up, however, you may need to contact your system administrator for this one. You can adjust any Schedule Type to allow for conflicts (like double booking time slots) inside your system settings.

allow multiple bookings in one time slot

Learn How to Allow Multiple Bookings in a Timeslot

Feature #4: Sync your Juvonno schedule with your personal calendar

“Does all I need it to do but would LOVE to have the schedule sync to external calendars.”

Last but certainly not least, the most requested feature that’s currently available was connecting your Juvonno schedule to your personal calendar app. As it happens, our Apple, Outlook, and Google Calendar integrations let you view all your personal and professional appointments in one place! That means all your Juvonno appointment bookings, changes, and cancellations get reflected in your calendar app. Just bear in mind, because it’s a one-way sync, changes you make within your calendar app do not sync back into Juvonno.

sync your juvonno schedule to your personal calendar

We’ve improved the setup process for this integration so it’s now easier than ever! Learn How to sync your schedule to your personal calendar

Something to Look Forward to: Do More in Fewer Clicks

“Too many clicks to do something”, “Lots of clicking required”

We hear you loud and clear! A huge focus for us moving forward is improving our Practitioners’ experience. Our rockstar product design team is working closely with our delightful developers to simplify existing features, and part of this work involves reducing the number of clicks it takes to complete a task! We’re committed to making Juvonno the best practitioner tool out there. That includes some exciting features we’re working on behind the scenes 😉

In the meantime, we’ve stepped up our Help Center game by updating dozens of articles with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to put our features to work. Looking for a solution to a specific issue? Join our J-Community Forum to share ideas, tips, and best practices with fellow Juvonno users!

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