Apr 23, 2019

Optimum Wellness Centres, Juvonno, and TELUS Health eClaims

Optimum Wellness Centres choose Juvonno and process TELUS Health eClaims for 5200+ patients in the first year.

Just over a year ago, big opportunities were stirring at Juvonno, a Winnipeg-based, clinic management software company. The company officially rebranded under a new name, they began promoting their cloud-based capabilities for multi-location clinic success, and announced their software was fully integrated with TELUS Health eClaims for easy electronic direct billing. The eClaims integration empowers Juvonno users to process third-party insurance claims directly through the Juvonno platform. In seconds, clinics receive confirmation the claim was approved or declined.

Shortly after TELUS announced Juvonno as their newest tech partner, requests and inquiries came flooding in. In just 24 hours, the Juvonno team received over 100 requests for product demos.

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A month later the team began onboarding Optimum Wellness Centres. With over 20 locations, the implementation was the biggest in company history.

“We were under pressure to onboard dozens of new clinics in addition to our largest client, and deliver a smooth experience for everyone. Our agile and dedicated team had worked on the solution for over two years and had ensured we had the resources necessary to meet our clients’ needs. The team’s response was incredible, rallying together to support our users and get the job done.”

– Terry Davison, CEO of Juvonno

Crystal Waldrum, Operations Manager for Optimum Wellness Centres agrees saying, “Juvonno has made the team much stronger.” In the early stages of onboarding to Juvonno, the large clinic chain recognized one of the greatest aspects of Juvonno was the ability to customize and adapt the platform to their unique needs. Like any large scale change, the transition took time and careful consideration, and operations are now well on their way.

Fast forward to today, thousands of eClaims have been successfully processed through the Juvonno integration. Across all 20 Optimum Wellness locations, over 5200 patients have had their claims approved and 140 practitioners are regularly processing claims through Juvonno to TELUS. “We should see those numbers increase quite a bit as more insurers are added.”

Crystal adds that processing TELUS eClaims with Juvonno has a number of benefits: It’s user-friendly, her team’s claims accuracy has improved, and it makes collecting accounts receivable easier.

“[Juvonno] is continually making updates to the platform. Processing claims are faster and the entire system has been hugely helpful. Juvonno has been amazing with all the feedback and they have been right on top of it. We have unique needs and they have been quick to address them.”

– Crystal Waldrum
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