Physiotec + Juvonno

A wealth of stunning exercise images at your fingertips, expertly designed to empower your patients for success.

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Juvonno's integration to Physiotec HEP shown on mobile device.

What is Physiotec?

It is the best home exercise solution for your practice! Physiotec's intuitive interface enables your team to print and email exercise programs quickly. Step-by-step instructions motivate your patients to stay on track and achieve their goals. Physiotec's 20+ specialty sections, simple program customization features, and clinic website integration make it a no brainer for your practice.

How Physiotec & Juvonno work together

Simplify the user experience. Streamline your workflow.

  • Single sign on
  • Automatic documentation
  • Patient satisfaction and more referrals

How to integrate Physiotec for Juvonno

For information on how to step the Physiotec integration for your Juvonno system, see our help center article.

To get help with Physiotec, call 1-866-301-3439. For support, email

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