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Scale your business faster, create real efficiencies, and make more time for patients with one unified EMR platform designed to grow with you.  

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juvonno emr in a clinic setting
Clinic Management Features

Get more done with powerful, customizable EMR tools,
all in one place.

Appointment Scheduling

Advanced scheduling features for your whole team

Streamline Scheduling: Manage appointments for your entire clinic from one centralized dashboard.

Organize with Flexibility: Tailor scheduling to your team's workflows and individual preferences.

Sync Seamlessly: Never miss an appointment – push appointments to Apple, Google or Outlook calendars.

appointment scheduling
Medical Billing Software

Maximize billing accuracy and efficiency

Effortless Billing & Operations: Ditch the printer, invoice patients, manage staff commissions, accept online payments, and manage inventory – all within a seamless digital workflow!

Insurance Made Easy: Manage and submit claims directly to insurers with our growing list of integrations like HCAI & TELUS eClaims – from one unified platform.

Automated Billing: Set up subscriptions and recurring invoices for hassle-free billing on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

medical billing software
Letter Generation

Expedite Referrals & Requisitions: Generate pre-populated letters with patient & practitioner details, insurance, and medical history.

Instant Patient Records: Letters auto-save to patient records for easy retrieval and reference.

Quick Fax: Fax letters directly from the patient's chart, simplifying communication with specialists and labs.

Letter generation in Juvonno with patient, practitioner, and chart information, and fax directly from Juvonno.
Data Analytics & Reporting

Business insights at your fingertips

Optimize Clinic Performance: Gain actionable insights in minutes. Juvonno turns your clinic data into reports & statistics you can use to grow your business.

Crystal-Clear Reporting: Powerful filtering allows you to easily organize your data by location, department, discipline, or staff to drill down into specific areas.

Easy Exports: Generate beautiful, clutter-free reports and export them to spreadsheets (XLS, CSV) or PDFs for further analysis and sharing.

List of different types of clinic data reports and key performance metrics, and a tablet view with real-time reporting on Juvonno's personal dashboard.
Privacy & Security

Security You Can Trust: Juvonno prioritizes data protection with compliance to HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, and utilizes Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security. We also ensure secure processing of online payments through PCI compliance.

Granular Access Control: Maintain complete control by setting individual staff permissions for features, records, and reports.

Juvonno telehealth is security compliant
appointment scheduling
medical billing software
Letter generation in Juvonno with patient, practitioner, and chart information, and fax directly from Juvonno.
List of different types of clinic data reports and key performance metrics, and a tablet view with real-time reporting on Juvonno's personal dashboard.
Juvonno telehealth is security compliant
Practice Types

Find the perfect solution for your practice no matter your size, setting or discipline.

Whether you want to drive growth or simplify your processes, we have a solution to help.

Family Practices

Simplify your workflows

Juvonno's Family Practice workflows streamline routine tasks, cut down on paperwork, and enhance the patient flow, giving you more time to deliver the quality patient care your practice is built on.

Enterprise Clinics

Drive cross-team efficiency

Juvonno delivers security and flexibility at scale so you can connect multi-clinic teams and establish workflows that meet the needs of each location, department, and practitioner in your organization.

Allied Health

Tailor Juvonno to your needs

Your practice is unique which is why we made Juvonno flexible. Custom settings, charts, and forms let you implement your workflows and adapt Juvonno for all the roles and disciplines within your team.

Virtual Practices

Treat from anywhere

Get work done from anywhere on any device. With secure remote access, online booking, free 1:1 HD telehealth sessions, and group telehealth calls, you can run a thriving virtual practice from just one platform.

Practitioner Tools

Everything you need to treat, chart, e-prescribe and run a thriving practice.

Patient Charts

Customize your charts

Chart on any device, anywhere online

Append files including photos and videos to patient charts

Save time by copying past chart notes and using auto-phrases

Your chart notes automatically save as you work

Charts are time-stamped, tagged, and labeled for easy organized search

emr patient charting
Labs and Imaging

Append photos and videos to a patient's chart

Submit lab requisitions using two-way fax and fillable PDFs

Enjoy two-way file sharing with patients on the portal. Make HEP, drug prescriptions and other documentation available on-demand

labs and imaging
Personal Dashboard

View all your appointments, charts, messages, tasks, and key statistics at a glance

Manage patient drop-offs from an organized dashboard

Chart and view patient medical records in one place

Customize your dashboard for your preferences

practitioner personal dashboard
HD Telehealth

Unlimited high-definition 1:1 sessions (free with your subscription)

Enterprise-grade security and full compliance with HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA

HD video, audio, and screen-sharing

Run sessions on all major desktop and mobile browsers

Group sessions with up to 25 participants New!

Juvonno Telehealth waiting room screen and session with a patient
Treatment Plans & e-Prescribing

Digitally sign and fax prescriptions directly from Juvonno, or print and sign manually.

Create, manage, and monitor treatment plans and prescriptions, while tracking patients' progress in their course of care.

Access an integrated drug database to make prescribing simpler, and easier to get right.

Share home exercise plans and drug prescriptions with patients via a secure patient portal

Organize your chart notes and patient forms to a primary diagnosis using built-in ICD-10 codes.

emr e-prescribing
emr patient charting
labs and imaging
practitioner personal dashboard
Juvonno Telehealth waiting room screen and session with a patient
emr e-prescribing

What our clients are saying:

"I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect EMR before switching to Juvonno. Their team was amazing and so patient with all of my detailed questions. Juvonno is highly customizable, easy to use, and has amazing features that I am still discovering daily!"
Laura M., Operations Director
Laura M., Operations Director
Pelino Athletic Performance Centre
"My biggest issue with other EMR software is that they are very restrictive. The ability to modify and create in Juvonno is exceptional. Support is incredible, truly supportive. Feedback is taken well and implemented. My first choice of EMR.
Sarah R., Operations Manager
Sarah R., Operations Manager
Bond Health & Wellness Clinics
"The Juvonno team has gone above and beyond helping with our data migration and training. Excellent product, very happy user."
Russ Baron, CEO & Chiropractor
Russ Baron, CEO & Chiropractor
Sun Chiropractic

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